The second wave of Colored Lemurians are vitalizing the crystalline consciousness grid with signature aspects to support individual and collective spiritual growth.  Unlike their predecessors, the original Lemurian Seed Crystals, whose purpose was to awaken humanity to the New Earth Consciousness and energetically prepare people for enlightenment through individual activation, the 2nd Wave Lemurians have more refined intentions.  The first difference is the notable colors, distinguishing them from foggy clear luminescence of the Original Lemurian Seeds.  These colors implicate Chakra activation, and when tuning into the unique energies of these 2nd Wave Lemurians, that is exactly what is felt and what is occurring.  It is a targeted Charka transformation.

Many people are unaware that the Charkas and the aura are undergoing a profound and fundamental evolution.  The locations of these energy centers remain the higher chakrassame, but the energetic qualities are becoming refined as higher frequencies move into the energyfield from above and below.  Channie Cha, Ambassador for White Time Healing, writes in the New Earth Teaching Class 7, “Spiritual development exists in many shapes and phases. The first phase is usually about searching and about a new awareness about oneself, one’s inner depth and possibilities.  In that phase one starts to integrate one’s chakras above the Crown Chakra and below the Base Chakra. With that one gets and reaches a deeper contact with all the Forces of Divinity.”  For example, the essence of the Ka, or Soul Star Chakra has moved down into the body to take place where the Heart Chakra was, while the Heart Chakra along with the solar Plexus have merged and moved to the Sacral Chakra position.   These migrations make room for the newer energies to enter the body and bring us all to a higher, more expanded state of consciousness and spiritual understanding.

But these fundamental shifts in energy that are core to our mind/body equilibrium can manifest as strange growing pains that create stress, mysterious ailments, mental confusion, and the like.  This expansion forces us to face the obstacles, and the unresolved issues from our pasts and our past incarnations, so that we may release and transcend them.  Seeking a source of assistance a support for these inevitable transformations is why so many people are waking up to alternative and holistic therapies because the old paradigm of allopathic, or symptom based treatment, i.e. western medical philosophy is not providing the complete solution.

Thankfully, the Lemurian Seed Crystals, especially from the 2nd Wave, have appeared to assist with these subtle energetic changes.  In fact, it is their primary calling.  Here is a general summary of the different kinds of 2nd Wave Lemurians.  I have already elaborated on the Golden Healers and Red Lemurians in previous blogs.

Golden Healer Lemurians instill courage, confidence, strength, fortitude, and leadership. They primarily work with transforming the Solar Plexus.

Pink Lemurians bring gentle compassion, emotional healing, and psychic communication. They primarily work to deepen the Heart Chakra’s new capacities.

Smoky Lemurians allow for astral travel, remote activation and soul fragment retrieval and integration.  They stimulate the 3rd Eye to acclimate to expanded cosmic and Universal currents of consciousness.

Red Lemurians begin their powerful work restructuring the core foundation of a person’s connection and interaction with this physical plane through the Root Chakra. They bring the most challenging blockages to personal growth to the  surface and transmute them. The assist in reaching into one’s past incarnations on Earth to obtain the knowledge and wisdom therein.  Once this is achieved, they fill the space with a higher vibration of compassion infusing the Sacral Chakra with new Light.        

                I would love to hear about any stories and experiences you may have had, or are having in working with these Lemurians.

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