You have to know the differences between the vibrations of crystals and their corresponding effects on a person’s energy-field and body to be an effective and successful healer.  There are two ways of learning this information, left brain and right brain.  Using the combined resources from both sides of your brain will make you a very good healer.

The left-brain education is easy.  That’s where you look up the uses for a crystal and memorize what is said about it.  This is acceptable, so long is the source is a good one.  How do you know whether or not what someone else says a crystal is good for is really true?


That’s where the right brain education comes in.  This is the intuitive, experiential, or what I call the “cellular” education.  You learn the properties of crystals by experiencing their vibrations directly, in the deepest core of your being, beyond the cellular, level, to the atomic.  So then, when a situation comes up where someone wants help with an issue using crystals, you can cross reference what you learned book-wise, with what your intuitive body’s intelligence tells you so that you can make a very well informed decision and thereby perform a very effective healing on yourself, or your client.


The best way to unlock your intuitive knowledge of crystal healing vibrations is not to systematically meditate with each and every crystal and gemstone in your toolkit individually, for that would take quite some time.  Though I would recommend selecting a few unique quarts crystals and other crystal types that speak directly to you that you wish to feature as core tools in your healing practice. To perform this deep meditation with, especially if you sense there is a being of higher consciousness attached to, or associated with the crystal, like ArchAngel Uriel’s Quartz Wand, or Nephrilla’s Smoky Quartz Geode I mentioned before.


I’m sure you have some crystals in your collection that pop into your mind or ring a bell when it comes to this additional feature of the individual crystal’s properties other than it’s basic straight-forward vibrational frequency.  But these are special exceptions.


guy layingIn general, the best way to learn the properties of crystals and access your already present intuitive knowledge base is to receive gemstone combination layouts, where the combined energies of the crystals involved infuse your entire being, for the sub-atomic to the physical, and higher spiritual bodies with very high vibrational frequencies.  The activations brought on by receiving these layouts allow you to access information that is stored within your own Akashi Records, the collective Akashic Records of humanity and Earth’s evolution from ancient times to the present, and information that is available from sources in the Universe and higher dimensions, such as communication with our guides, Higher Self, Angels and other cosmic light beings.


cosmic spaceThe courses I have to offer provide a fantastic opportunity to receive a series of such carefully designed and sequenced layouts to facilitate such an opening and activation of your intuitive faculties.  It is quite an easy process where each participant both gives and receives a number of layout treatments.  All the tools and information necessary to begin this type of powerful crystal healing work is also provided for so that you can begin, or enhance your own practice at home.


Attending a class is truly a transformational experience.  If you are looking for a way to shift your reality gracefully and with ease and joy, and you resonate with crystals or are curious and drawn to them and want to learn more, these classes are designed for you.


It can be very costly to acquire all the stones necessary to perform all the layouts on yourself.  It is also a much nicer experience having someone else place the stones on you so you can receive the full experience.  These are two additional benefits to attending a class. In addition to receiving an initiation and certification to begin offering this incredible healing modality to others.


Included in this article is an example of one of the layouts from the classes that you can experience on your own taken from within the classes.  Becoming a member of this site will also gain you access to periodic releases of additional layouts that you can also experience on your own.


If you are serious about taking your crystal healing practice to the next level, act now and become a member!


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