Autumn is here! So is an incredible opportunity to transform your life by harnessing the power of the cosmos with your crystals. Before your carve your pumpkins and drink your apple cider, before you do anything else after reading this, gather your crystals, and prepare them to receive the energy of the full moon and eclipse tonight.

Here is what I do, and recommend.  I make a ceremony out of the process.   Gather your crystals and carefully carry them outdoors.  Bless and thank them for choosing to work with you, meditate with them, and infuse them with all the wonderful things you wish to manifest in your life for the upcoming months, and years to come. Then put them outside in a safe place by this SUNDAY night, Sept, 27th, 2015  to charge them with the incredible powerful energies of the Luna Eclipse and the Supermoon.


This “Blood Moon,” full moon is occurring at the moon’s closest point in it’s orbit to the Earth, the point called the perigee. This has not happened since1982. The close proximity will generate very powerful energies that we and our crystal friends and harness with intention to put into motion great personal and collective transformation.


Do not be discouraged if you cannot see the moon or eclipse due to clouds. The energies will definitely still be present, and your crystals will absorb it live cosmic fertilizer.  Eclipses erase the past energies and clear the slate for incredible new new beginnings. It is an opportunity not to be missed!


I recommend placing them outside while there is still sunlight Sunday evening, so that the solar rays will begin to charge and activate them, and leave them out at least past midday on Monday. If your crystals desire a deeper stronger supercharge, leave them out until Tuesday morning. If, and I sense this as I write this, there are crystals in your possession that have been waiting to rise from dormancy, this is the opportunity for you to help them do so by burying them in the ground for this event. 1-2 inches of dirt above them is all that is required. And I recommend they are placed naked, as is, without being wrapped in a bag, or paper.


When you feel your crystals have received their upgrade courtesy of this rare Heavenly Event, go to them, one at a time, pick them up and gaze at them lovingly with gratitude, reinforcing the thoughts and intentions you placed in them before. Send them love as you carry them back to their places of belonging, or perhaps to a new place because their energy has shifted, and thank them once again.


This may sound like a lot of work, but the rewards are great. Should you honor and focus your energy on your crystals in this way at this time, you will be amazed at the rapid vibrational transformations that will begin to occur within and around you.   This is essentially an energetic autumn cleaning that will set your course for the winter months and beyond, to be joyous, harmonious, and prosperous.


If you are reading this and the celestial event has transpired, here’s a secret: linear time is an illusion. You can perform these motions any time, and with a strong enough intention, your crystals will still be infused with the energies of the eclipse and full moon. If, you believe.


These above suggested instructions can be performed during any full moon. I do not do this during ever full moon, but when the time feels right, or my crystals ask for it, I do this nice ceremony to keep them healthy, happy, and vibrant.


I would love the hear from you with any experiences you may have throughout this process. Post to my facebook page, or write to me directly!





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