One creative and easy way to maximize the connection between you and the crystals in your collection is to tune them to your frequency.  This simple process results in a deeper intuitive connection with your crystals thereby improving the quality of communication between you and your crystals, and the work you do with them on yourself and on others.

I call this process “sounding the crystal.”  It was taught to me by one of my Crystal Healing Masters, whose name is Nephrilla, whom I am introducing you to.  She is exited to meet you.  She is going to share what she has to say about sounding crystals as a gift to you.


Nephrilla has been working with me for several years.  She made first contact during a Universal White Time Gemstone Healing course I was taking at the time, and since has taught me many techniques that I use in my practice share with my students.


smoky quartsNephrilla is a crone who lives in solitude on a distant planet in a beautiful Smoky Quarts-filled cave with a special pond in front of it that is always covered with a layer of iridescent mist.   She guided me to acquire a particular smoky quartz geode that she then formed an inter-dimensional portal to communicate with me more readily in the third dimension.  It resides on my nightstand.  You may be able to sense he portal and perhaps enter through it by looking into the geode in this picture.


She communicates with me in dreams, when I am in meditation, when I am using crystals and sound healing with people, and when I’m writing down information to teach, such as the channel I received from her in this article.  She enjoys visitors, and there is a wonderful guided meditation that I lead students on to her cave where she teaches a special technique of multi-dimensional crystal healing with sound.


From Nephrilla:

          “Now I will teach you the sounding of crystals by intuitively toning, and singing into them.  Doing this periodically is a way to refresh their energy and strengthen the connection with your intuitive Higher Self, and crystal consciousness.  Sounding also assists the crystals in receiving multi-dimensional codes that are transmitted by you through the sounds you produce when you are in the opened state. 


There is no right or wrong way to go about doing this.  Simply stand while holding the crystal about six inches from your face.   Gently gaze at it, and allow any and all sounds to come from within you, guided by your intuition and what you “feel” in the moment with the crystal.  Continue to sound until you feel the process is complete, and place the crystal back where you keep it.  There is not need to clear the crystal afterward as the sounding is a clearing technique in itself. 


The sounds can range from pleasant tones and song-like melodies, to short percussive sounds, words, sentences, mantras and even screams, or a combination of the above, or something altogether completely different.   The goal is to let the sounds and words flow effortlessly from within you with no thought.  The less you think about what you are sounding, the more intuitively you are being guided, and ultimately the more powerful you, and your crystal, whether a tool or companion, will become.


Whatever sounds you create are exactly what are needed in the moment.  There are “key tones” embedded within the frequencies and sequences of the sounds you generate that you will not be consciously aware you are producing.   The crystal will recognize these key tones significance and encode them within it’s own crystalline multi-dimensional matrix.  These key tones are sourced from your Soul, Higher Self, Guides, Angels, light –beings, and other cosmic beings of the New Inner Light that work with you.


There is no right or wrong way to do this.  You certainly will not harm the crystal.  It is important to feel natural when sounding, and have a strong belief in yourself, trust, and faith.   Feelings of peace, love and compassion will probably arise within you while you sound to your crystals.


You can sound a crystal as many times and as often as you want.  Expect each time to be different as you are always changing, your energy always in flux.  Your relationships with yourselves, other people, crystals, and other sentient beings are continuously growing and adapting. 


It does take time to develop the ability to open this channel of sound programming.  The more you do it, the better you become and the more effective you are at sounding your crystals.  Each time you sound your crystals, you will feel yourself entering into that open-heart space of intuitive consciousness more quickly and easily. 


Not only when you sound your crystals, but every time you consciously invoke with sound and crystals with an open heart, strong belief, and focused intention, you attract these higher dimensional helpers work by consciously aligning your focus and intention.  You are basically using sound to acclimate yourself with the crystal and the crystal with you.  It is a great way to get to know the crystal’s energy, and may give you new insights into the crystal’s purpose, and your purpose working with the crystal. 


You may call upon me, Nephrilla, at any time for guidance and insight when working with crystals and sound.  If you are receiving this message, I may already be working with you.  Now take this new knowledge and this new tool and explore it.  The most important thing is to have fun with it and free yourself from self-criticism and doubt.  An open voice with an open heart is the most powerful healing force of them all.”


-Nephrilla of the Elder Council of Nebu