Testimonials for Bradford Tilden

Below is some of the wonderful feedback about my healing music people have given me. If you would like to share your own experiences with my music, please fill out and submit the form below and I will post your comments on this page with the rest of the resonant responses.





I met Bradford several years ago at an animal communication workshop in Santa Cruz.  He played live music and lifted the entire space a full frequency band.  I didn’t even really know what that meant then, but I sure felt it.  Gamacookie Bacchilega … we sure had a wonderful time!


I have had the exquisite pleasure of experiencing your music while giving Thai Massage and I even more deeply appreciate your gift now that I have experienced it’s ‘Guidance’ attributes as well. it really helps to create total crystal clarity around my hand on art and I am so deeply grateful! So thank you!

Ima Vibration
Santa Cruz, CA

I attended a seminar in January 2008 and was fortunate enough to experience Bradford Tilden’s beautifully expansive healing music. As he started to play, I closed my eyes with the intent of just relaxing and listening. I had no idea I would receive one of the most powerful past life healings I have ever had.

During a previous past-life regression, I saw myself standing as a child, looking out onto a field of horses who had been slaughtered. They were all laying there, lifeless, and it was very emotionally traumatic for me.

During Bradford’s music, this scene came back. I couldn’t understand why I would be seeing this again, but I stayed with it and didn’t try to fight it. After just a few seconds, all the horses got up and started walking around. It was their spirits, as their physical bodies still remained on the ground. It was so peaceful to see them full of life again.

Then a white unicorn appeared and led them back home. They were letting me know they are ok and it was time for me to release the pain. I was able to do this by the end of the song.

One song! It blew me away. My heart felt wide open and was filled with such love – their love.

It was a wonderful experience for me and I can still feel every moment of it when I think about it.

Thank you Brad for creating such amazing music and following your heart. It is truly meant to be part of this ever changing world.

Tracy Hendrickson
Sacramento, CA

Bradford is an amazingly talented composer/musician and an adept practitioner of the healing arts. His gifts have raised the level of peace and bliss for dozens of participants on three different occasions where I was privileged to be present. Brad’s generosity of spirit, and gentle loving energy, have made a huge impact on my life. I can recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking to be more balanced in their life and delighted by his beautiful original music.

Susan Miller
Sausalito, CA

Thank you, Bradford!!! Your music is divine and is hitting all the right notes within myself. My parakeet is also delirious with the beautiful sound.
Love, Dennis

Dennis Parks
San Francisco, CA

Your music is so soothing and I love listening to your CD that I purchased. Thank you so much for sharing all your healing energy with us all. You have such an amazing gift!

J. Rosella
Santa Cruz, CA

I haven’t written to thank you for Wendy’s music CD because I have struggled to find words.

I’ve listened to it many times and find that different emotions sweep me away each time. What a wonderful tribute to Wendy. I feel her graciousness, her wonderful wit, her smiles.

Thank you so much for music that will always remind me of her….. and you.

Cindy S.
Fullerton, CA

There are three kinds of music today: the kind that breaks up negative energy and Brad’s music does that; the kind that elevates and sustains you in higher vibrations, and Brad’s music does that too; and the kind that perpetuates the old paradigm, and Brad’s music doesn’t do that at all!

Dr. Laurie Moore
Santa Cruz, CA

I love your CD. I put it on and meditated several times through the whole. I actually raised the level of vibrations in my home with it. The whole home, clothes, food, all my crystals were singing. I found myself dancing and twirling. I was healing chakras and toning and bringing swirls of energy in and sending it out. The swirls were more like tunnels and the colors were in colors that I do not usually use. I also was given funnels that extend out of my body and shown how to send all the energy coming into me out at will, and told that nothing would come back through, only be sent out. Every time I move they are whooshing out now, and if I do a circle motion, well it looks like a light show that just continues out. It was so amazing.

Darlene Bacchilega
Bend, Oregon

I had the great privilege of attending a workshop with Dr. Laurie Moore in Santa Cruz. Bradford Tilden shared some of his amazingly light filled music with the group. As I meditated through his song I felt the entire group lift to a higher dimensional level. When he finished we were in a lovely space of joy and peace. I brought Bradford’s CD home with me and I meditated through the entire CD. WOW! I let the music take me where it would. I felt healing in my physical body as I listened and peace in my soul. I felt the vibration of my home lift, including everything in it…my clothes and food, etc. Coming to the end of the music I felt my Thymus energy center blossom out about 12″ in front of me, billowing like a cloud. I can’t wait to hear Brad sing! Many thanks!!!

Evelyn Blank
Boise, Idaho

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