Starseed Lemurian Crystals are a part of the 3rd Wave of Lemurian Seed Crystals.  Their purpose is specific and powerful. I learned about their nature a highest use only recently, from communication with a newly acquainted guide.

Chàma is a newly introduced UWT Gemstone Master Guide who came to me through a Starseed Lemurian Crystal on Oct 1st, 2015. It is both genders. She teaches me confidence assertiveness and authority when speaking what I know to be the truth, the intuitive knowing that I have been cultivating while working with Lemurians.

He revealed himself after I placed one of the StarSeed Lemurians on my Third Eye while meditating with the intention of learning their use for humanity. Right away I was traveling to the Great Pyramid, into the King’s Chamber and up the shaft toward Orion, through the Orion Stargate, through a black hole and into a Neutron Star spinning so fast as to produce white light, finally to be orbiting over Oktra, one of the inhabited planet around the Central Sun of the Universe.

Chàma showed me to hand out these Starseed Lemurians to attendees at my concerts to galactically travel during the live sound journey. These Lemurians are tuned primarily to Arcturus but send people to prominent places of their galactic and cosmic origins when working with them. Multidimensional in nature, they exist simultaneously on this Earth plane and on other dimensional realms.

Lemurian StarseedsThe origins of these crystals vary, but they all manifest at the same frequency, here and now, to help us understand our multi-dimensional nature. They strengthen links to Star Lineages while cultivating the knowledge and wisdom to integrate the greater quantum galactic and cosmic identity of the Starseed into the present reality-dimension and current human incarnations of those who are ready to manifest their true self at this time.

These crystals are double terminated, the perfect expression of a crystal, representing the desire for creation to complete itself, as a goal of the new earth evolutionary process. This is the main role of the Starseed Lemurians. Balance within light and dark. male and female, above and below, they bring oneness where polarity persists. They will enhance the special gifts and dormant traits and latent talents of those who work with them, adapting themselves to suit their keeper. They form a bond and should, not be passed on or used with others once the attunement has occurred, unless specifically advised to do by the intuition, the crystal or a master guide.

It is common to travel through dimensional shifts, wormholes, black holes, and distant galaxies and stars when in meditation with a Starseed Lemurian. Ask to be told the name of the destination you arrive at, if you are uncertain, as it Is probably somewhere your soul or Higher Self has descended from. And don’t be surprised if you are taken to different destinations. Also ask to learn as much about the place as you can because it will help you understand your nature and purpose in the present.


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