Strength in Passing is a very special piece. It was commissioned by a dear friend in memory of his departed wife. Though, I never met her in person, I was told she was one of my biggest fans and loved my piano music.

I was honored when asked to write a memorial piece for her. The project evolved so much more than I had expected. I felt her presence immediately when I began composing the music. I could feel her inspiring and guiding me. When I finished writing, I knew the music was complete, because her spirit send me images of yellow flowers in gratitude. To this day, I feel a warm presence every time I perform this beautiful piece. It is so much more than music. It is healing music.

There is a strong intention of healing, and aiding in transition witihin this piece. It is a musical message that transition can be joyous and exciting even triumphant when embraced strongly like the courageous woman it was dedicated to, and who helped to write it from the other side.

Behind The Surface

Behind the Surface is an emotional healing journey through the sonorous landscapes of the human heart The healing power of this CD is universal. The music itself is heavily classically influenced. “Bradford Tilden is a musical prodigy. His music is a combination of Bach, Mozart, and Chopin. It’s amazing!” Paula Gates, Philadelphia His piano compositions are more than just modern classical music. They are encoded harmonic templates that activate and heal the deep and subtle levels of the human bio-energy matrix packaged in the form of beautiful classical music. They welcome the body to move energy and release blockages to make room for the higher vibrations of joyous bliss raining down from the cosmos.

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Angelic Incarnation

Angelic Incarnation The CD contains two long sound healing tracks. The first is a powerful meditation that contains actual angelic sound frequencies that were channeled through the voice with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan Bowls, and Gongs. This track portrays the alchemical process of the incarnation and embodiment of an angelic being into the realm of human consciousness.

Many Lemurian Seed crystals and Apophylites were persent during the making of this recording.

The second track is a cosmic journey meditation that takes the voyager through the remembrance of the original cosmic dream through the vessel of divine sonic vibrations.

This CD can be used for personal meditation, healing, relaxation, and activation. It is also exceptionally powerful for use in healing sessions as a sonic accompaniment to energywork, bodywork, and other somatic therapies. It creates an otherworldy ambiance.

This track is also featured on the DVD Birth of the New World

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Jewels of Joy

Jewels of Joy is a very unique recording of Healing Piano Music. It is a transmission of divinely channeled piano music for spiritual healing and joy. “The LIVE recordings were made over a span of nine weeks at a spiritualist group gathering. Every week there was a “laying on on hands” segment where energy healers would offer free healing to all who desired it. The healers placed their hands on the participants’ shoulders and ran healing energy into them. I created and recorded this music on the spot while this was happening. Over the next few weeks, a larger coherency began to reveal itself as I listened to the recordings I made. I realized I was receiving one segment per week of a much larger structure. I continued recording the sessions each week until I intuitively knew the work was finished.” -Comment from the composer Jewels of Joy is the finished product of these sessions. It is beautiful inspired piano music infused with the healing energies of a number of powerful energy healers. It completely shifts and raises the energy of any space where it is played, and is wonderful to accompany bodywork, energywork, and meditations. The music is very special and powerful. Everyone in the space was upholding the intentions of love, joy, peace, and health while the music was being created. Thus, the recording is also vibrationally infused with those healing frequencies. The music is also completely spontaneous. There was absolutely no premeditation, no pre-planning, or compositional forethought what so ever. It represents a pure and direct, uninterrupted, flow of high vibrational music healing frequencies from the higher light realms of crystalline joy and harmony.



Spirit Dome

Spirit Dome is a beautiful LIVE recording of the powerful sonic alchemy that has become the signature sound of the incredible fusion between Bradford’s voice and quartz crystal singing bowls. This album takes full advantage of the amazing acoustics at the Panteão Nacional in Lisbon Portugal where the recording was made. The music is evocative of both Angels and Ancestors, encapsulating and honoring the Earth and the Heavens equally.

Deep relaxation and divine inspiration are but a few results from listening to this CD.

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