Relax and drift into a soft meditative state while experiencing the power of gemstone healing.  Gemstones are placed on your body as a layout.  Each layout is designed for a specific intention.  Each layout takes between 15-20 minutes.  The energies permeate through your entire body and energy-field, charging and healing you at the cellular and sub-atomic levels.  These energies resonate inside your for 4 years or longer.  During this time, you may experience gentle and profound shifts in yourself and your life.

Travel through vistas of spiritual awakening in these otherworldly healing sessions.  From physical healing to intuitive awakening, mental clarity, and emotional wellbeing, these sessions assist in advancing you to your next level of spiritual evolution and energetic vitality in exactly the right way that is needed for you at this time.


1 Layout: 30 minutes for $50

2-3 Layouts: 60minutes for $80


Sessions are by appointment.

Remote sessions are also available.

Please book 24 hours in advance.

These sessions include sound and multi-dimensional crystal healing to the gemstone healing experience.  A pure connection to the divine is created through the channeled songs, chants, and tones of Bradford’s incredible voice augmented with crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments.  He becomes a pure channel of sonic healing, clearing blockages, aligning, and activating cellular memories.  The energy of the gemstones is enhanced while higher vibrations from guides, angels, and light-beings are invoked to facilitate the greatest healing possible in the present moment.

1 Layout: 30 minutes for $60

2-3 Layouts 60 minutes for $100

Connect with your authentic inner power.  Your voice is a gift.  Your voice is the most valuable resource for healing and for creating the life you want to lead. Society conditions us to repress our voices, and many of us have forgotten how to tap into its true power.  But it is easily possible for us all to reclaim our voices.  Learn how to use your voice to manage stress, release blocked emotions, increase your energy, and unlock your creative potential.  Your voice is free, always readily accessible, and convenient.  Through guided instruction you will learn invaluable tools to use your voice consciously and effectively to regain control of your body, mind, and emotions.  This process also unravels deeper self-acceptance, understanding, and spiritual awakening.  Discovering the true potential of your voice is a fun, enjoyable, and profound journey within, resulting in connecting with the core of your expressive, authentic self.


These sessions are supported by the use of crystal singing bowls.


30 minutes for $50

60 minutes for $80

4 hour sessions for $350

session 1: the breath and voice basics

session 2: exploring your body with sound

session 3: basic techniques of self-healing

session 4: advanced techniques in self-healing


Sessions are by appointment.

Remote video conferencing sessions are also available.

Please book 24 hours in advance.


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