Red Lemurian Crystals are the most most recent Lemurians to emerge onto the Earth’s Surface, and re the most shamanic of the colored Lemurian Families.  They offer a journey inward to discover your inner truth.  They have a rougher, blunt energy than their energetically softer Pink and Golden Healer brothers and sisters that is reflected in their physical appearance.  This is appropriate because sometimes the truth is ugly, and Red Lemurians bring your awareness to your inner truth, when you are ready to accept and embrace it.  Only then can you grow and transform.

Red Lemurians act primarily through the Root Chakra.  The Root Chakra anchors one’s connection to this dimensional plane and is associated with survival and the foundational flow of life-force energy that keeps us alive and sustained within our bodies.  Red Lemurians cut to the root of a blockage and misdirected energies in this area.  They support you in overcoming such issues.  It takes a while to perceive a connection with a Red Lemurian because it begins its work at your deepest core level.  The more you shed your egoic illusions, the more you will feel its power tangibly.


Red Lemurians also greatly assist in fueling your inner passions, higher passions that are in alignment with your Higher Self.  They assist in manifesting unconditional love, self-love, compassion, and self-compassion through action, so that the New Earth Consciousness becomes a reality, not just a concept.  You will find yourself living, doing, and being in the eternal “now moment.”


Red Lemurians are very strong purifiers with a larger objective of eviscerating anything the collective consciousness has the strength to let go of that it has been holding on to, that has been delaying the global awakening process.  On the personal level, they are indispensable tools and companions for anyone who has the courage to face the authentic challenges of personal transformation.  They call to people who have a desire let go of the old patterns and embrace the new paradigm, people who are called to work with them in contributing to the evolution of human consciousness.


It is recommended to cleanse a Red Lemurian when you first acquire it, as you should do with any new crystal, with any method of your choice.  Then sincerely say you are willing and ready to work with it and wish to receive its teachings.  Carry it around with you and sleep with it nightly under your pillow, (or in your hand as I do) paying attention to your dreams.  Be prepared to address the challenges that may rise to the surface.  Within about a month you will begin to feel a wonderful connection to it that will strengthen the more you continue to overcome your inner obstacles in a loving and self-compassionate way as surface.  Remember, the Universe always presents us with challenges we have the power to overcome.