Lemurian Phantom Shards, part of the Third Wave.  They are the most multi-dimensional of all Lemurian Seed Crystals.  These very special one-of-a-kind Lemurian Seed Crystal fragments resonate very strongly with a higher form of Lemurian Healing Energy. Their shapes are amorphous mixed with occasional traditional six sided crystal formations. Mother Earth willed them to express unique embodiments, exploring the limits of their molecular structure, the hexagonal crystalline matrix of Quarts, their “core identity.” They teach us to do the same as humans, exploring and expressing our individual potential, to bend our DNA.

Many have visible phantoms in them, sometimes more than one. They spoke to me explaining that they grew in a community, tightly intertwined with one another until each crystal grew to become independent, preserving the indentations of it’s neighbors that grew along side it’s body. They express interest in being wrapped as pendants, pendulums, rings, necklaces, amulets, etc. They want to remain natural, raw and “rough.” Their desire is to open people’s eyes to see the beauty of the asymmetrical, the unusual, the unpolished, imperfect, and the unfinished. Each crystal exists as it desires to be. That is, incomplete, as we are all always in a state of becoming.

lemurian shards allThe most fascinating aspect of these Lemurian Shards is that, much like a phantom limb, the “missing” terminations can be felt energetically, etherically, and multi-dimensionally. These shards exists in multiple dimension simultaneously, and when you gaze upon them their full complete beauty and form emerge from beyond this plane of consciousness, and you are experiencing the perception of multiple dimensions of being simultaneously.

When someone adorns one of these shards as jewelry, they gain the ability to see into other dimensions and their being extends into other dimensions while remaining fully present and fully in body in our dimension. The phantoms within them facilitate this conscious control of this ability by allowing the assimilation and integration to occur in phases, or “growth spurts” as the individual progress along their spiritual evolution.

Phantom shards are highly recommended for meditations with the intention of traveling to other dimensions.  Holding one while you journey will foster a clearer recall of your experiences in those other domains, even parallel dimensions.

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