Crystals 101 - The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Crystals (hint: I do these all the time)

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is the art of using and placing specific crystals in the right places to achieve a desired result.  Crystal healing can help with headaches, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, lack of libido, lack of concentration, healing the mind and more.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the art of using the voice and/or sound healing instruments to help the healing process.  Sound healing can help with headaches, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, lack of libido, lack of concentration, healing the mind, emotions, and more.


Brad Tilden has been teaching crystal and sound healing for over 10 years.  He currently teaches numerous different crystal and sound healing classes to help those looking for an alternative to western medicine feel better.  Brad is willing to teach anywhere in the world.  To find out more about what classes are coming up and where Brad will be, click here.

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Red Lemurian Crystals

Red Lemurian Crystals are the most most recent Lemurians to emerge onto the Earth’s Surface, and re the most shamanic of the colored Lemurian Families.  They offer a journey inward to discover your inner truth.  They have a rougher, blunt energy than their energetically softer Pink and Golden Healer brothers and sisters that is reflected in their physical appearance.  This is appropriate because sometimes the truth is ugly, and Red Lemurians bring your awareness to your inner truth, when you are ready to accept and embrace it.  Only then can you grow and transform.

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4 Breathing Exercises to Connect to the Infinite Source of Creation

The breath is the interface between your body and the infinite source of creation.  The breath links your body to your consciousness, and through your breath you can communicate with and connect with every aspect of your body.  The breath is also the main source of life-force energy nourishment for the body (prana).  Every time you breathe, you are generating a little prana.  We will walk thorugh 4 breathing exercises to help you accomplish this.

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Sitting Meditation with Any Crystal

may2010headshotHello there!  My name is Bradford Tilden.  I have been practicing crystal meditation for years however in the beginning I struggled to find great resources.  While I now have the benefit of several certifications and years of practice I can understand how frustrating it can be for a beginner who is looking for a great starting point.  Much of the information out there is inaccurate, frustrating to follow, or just plain wrong!

If you are looking to learn where to begin meditating with crystals in the RIGHT way then you have probably dealt with this same frustration.  I know that crystal meditation can lead to a higher state of relaxation, creative visualizations, connecting with your higher self, self healing, opening energy centers  and so much more.  However you have to learn the proper placement and procedures to maximize the effectiveness of crystal meditation.

In order to help you out, I have talked with some of the foremost experts on crystal meditation and compiled a step by step guide for any beginner to start with crystal meditation.  These simple to follow steps are the same things I do when using crystals in this way.

I hope that you found my research and these experts steps useful in beginning your crystal healing journey.

Download the step by step guide to crystal meditation! >>