Crystals 101 - The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Crystals (hint: I do these all the time)

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is the art of using and placing specific crystals in the right places to achieve a desired result.  Crystal healing can help with headaches, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, lack of libido, lack of concentration, healing the mind and more.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the art of using the voice and/or sound healing instruments to help the healing process.  Sound healing can help with headaches, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, lack of libido, lack of concentration, healing the mind, emotions, and more.


Brad Tilden has been teaching crystal and sound healing for over 10 years.  He currently teaches numerous different crystal and sound healing classes to help those looking for an alternative to western medicine feel better.  Brad is willing to teach anywhere in the world.  To find out more about what classes are coming up and where Brad will be, click here.

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Sound Healing: Discovering the power within.

We are all on a path of self-discovery and healing.  We are always looking for ways to manage the stress of daily life, or searching for that quiet place within us where we can access our divine potential, or wanting to express emotions in a healthy way, or desiring more inspiration and creativity.  We are all seeking balance.

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Self-Awareness and Self-Design

I have come to a knowing that I will never be able to know who I am, because I am always changing.  I’ll admit, the search for my identity, soul and corporeal, was at the core of my life changing experiences.  “Who am I?” is a question I’ve concerned myself with far too much and for far too long.  That question poses a fundamental paradox.  To know oneself, one must have perspective.  In order to have perspective, there must be at least one point of reference.  So, to answer that question, one must move away from oneself to understand.

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Want To Be a Crystal Healer? Here’s How!

You have to know the differences between the vibrations of crystals and their corresponding effects on a person’s energy-field and body to be an effective and successful healer.  There are two ways of learning this information, left brain and right brain.  Using the combined resources from both sides of your brain will make you a very good healer.

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Crystal Conciousness

Crystal consciousness can be described as connecting with the spiritual essence and consciousness of an individual crystal, or group crystal consciousness to form a symbiotic working relationship to facilitate the highest greatest love, light, and truth for all sentient beings. Crystals know nothing other than pure unconditional love and light.  The entirety of their being emits the creational life-force direct from source.   Crystals are perfect physical expressions of Source energy.  Their geometrically organized matrix, which can be seen holographically by the naked eye, provides the perfect conduit for light to travel through.

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Tuning Crystals to your Frequency

One creative and easy way to maximize the connection between you and the crystals in your collection is to tune them to your frequency.  This simple process results in a deeper intuitive connection with your crystals thereby improving the quality of communication between you and your crystals, and the work you do with them on yourself and on others.

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Why Apophylite- Part III Meditation with A Clear Apophylite Specimen

Welcome Back, fellow Ambassadors!


By now you should be familiar enough with the energy of Apophylite that you are ready to go deeper and take the next step in working with this wonderful Crystal.

If you still don’t have one in your collection, that’s okay, but I highly recommend acquiring one.  There is even more important information about Apophylite below that I  want you to know, so please keep reading!

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Apophylite – Powerful Yet Mysterious – Part 1

Apophylite is a surprisingly little known crystal.  I aim to change that and share with you the wonderful properties of this beautify and powerful crystal, and show you how you can tap into its energy to radically enhance your capacity to expand your consciousness, heal your spiritual body, open your heart, and strengthen your intuition and connection with your guides and guardian angels.

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Crystal Prostitution – Have You Checked For Fake Crystals?

This little article is designed to arm you against, and educate you to prevent your purchasing less effect and less valuable and even fake crystals and gemstones that some sellers are peddling under false pretenses.


The inspiration for this post came from discovering a handful of Ebay  product postings of “red lemurian” seed crystals.  I placed “red lemurian” in quotes, because the crystals pictured in the ad were certainly NOT real Red Lemurians.  They were indeed Lemurian crystals, but they had been dyed to look red.

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