Golden Healer Lemurians instill courage, confidence, strength, fortitude, and leadership. They radiate joy, especially when a rainbow is present.  When kept and carried as a companion stone, they instill these attributes in their keeper.

glh            Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Crystals primarily work with transforming the Solar Plexus.  This is the chakra associated with will-power, and it is the main energy vortex that integrates the life-force energy of the source, via the sun, central sun, of the Universe, and Source Consciousness.  Our solar plexus is the sun, or center-point within us.  Through the work with a Golden Healer Lemurian, the solar plexus is strengthened, and its capacity to integrated the new energies of the New Earth and rising consciousness of humanity is made much easier.

As the cosmic vibrations intensify on this planet, the old chakras migrate and condense, making room for the higher and lower chakras such as the soul star (higher) and earth star (lower).  It is important to augment the Solar Plexus to being able to contain the qualities of the old Heart, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Charkras.  This leaves those spaces of be filled with higher level vibrations such as unconditional love/Christ Consciouness (Heart), and co-creation with the divine (Sacral), while the Golden Healer brings Abundance Consciousness and Service energies to the new Solar Plexus configuration.

Golden Healers get their name for a few reasons.  In addition to their golden color, which is inherently healing, a very high percentage of them are Record Keepers.  That is, physically, they exhibit one or more isosceles triangles on one or more of their faces.  Energetically, this means they contain stored information, cosmic knowledge, and wisdom from the Akashic Records and/or other sources.  This information is accessible through meditation with the crystal.  Often, a record keeper finds its way into the hands of a person with whom it has relevant personal information to transmit such as past life insights and future encouragements, ability enhancements, and keys to hidden truths.

Additionally, Golden Healer Lemurians enhance the healing abilites of energy workers and light workers, especially the intuitive faculty, much more than other Lemurian Seed Crystals.  Because the Solar Plexus is the primary energy exchange point between patience and practitioner, helpful information becomes more easily accessible, and comes in clearer and stronger.

You do not need to be directly working with a Golden Healer Lemurian to experience its benefits.  When placed on display in a room, or sacred space, they fill the space with extremely high vibrations that attract all sorts of beings of love and light.

Lastly, Golden Healers are the most sociable of the Lemurian Seed Crystal Family.  They enjoy being passed around (with discernment of course) to give and receive energy and information freely.  They stimulate the intellect in a ego-less way, strengthen and facilitate a harmonious interaction between the intuition and intellect, extend this ability to group consciousness.  They are an amazing choice to include in social gatherings, ceremony, and group meditations for this reason.

The best way to meditate with a Golden Healer Lemurian Crystal is to lay down and to place it on your Solar Plexus with the point facing upward for about 15 minutes, then turning the point downward for another 15 minutes.

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