frosted lemurians 2Frosted Lemurians, also known as Echo, or Mirror Lemurians, assist with soul fragment retrieval and objective understanding of how others perceive you. The frosted coating prevents the ability to see clearly inside the crystal, much like it is challenging for us to see ourselves clearly, free of the filters of perception we hold for ourselves. By gazing in to a Frosted Lemurian, we are brought to a space of deep introspection and reflection. The power of the Frosted Lemurians is a reminder that we need to search within ourselves to uncover our true nature, while not holding to our beliefs about ourselves onto others. “Do not think that others see you as you see yourself,” they teach.

frosted lemurians group            Frosted Lemurians also filter out the blockages and barriers that stand in the way of retrieving soul fragments. Soul fragments are aspects of your true self, pieces that have disconnected, and sometimes left your field for a variety of different reasons, including traumatic experiences and past life lessons that haven’t fully returned to integrate in the present. Frosted Lemurians make it easier for you to remain open, allowing these fragments to return and re-integrate if you choose to go into deep meditation for this purpose. Combined with a Nuumite or Rainbow Obsidian, Apache Tear or ancestral fragments, Gold Sheen Obsidian for Star Lineage fragments, placed on the Solar Plexus, this process can be enhanced.

Frosted Lemurians are great tools for psychological development, and guided hypnotherapy. The underlying vibration of unconditional love that all Lemurians emit facilitates a harmonious, non-judgmental acceptance of anything these Frosted Lemurians uncover about yourself.

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