Free Shamanic Chants, Angelic Songs, and Healing Mantras

I receive these healing chants, songs, and mantras in sudden bursts of insight and divine communication. Often times I am driving or taking a shower when they decide to come through. With a little bit of discipline, I am able to anchor them in pen to share with the world.

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I collectively refer to these chants and songs as "VisionLeider", a coin termed by the 20th Century Christian Mystic, Joa Bolendas. She received numerous VisionLeider from Angels and Spirit Guides for healing and transformation.

Soul Language

Many of my VisionLeider come from my Angelic and Shamanic Guides. Others are transmitted from the higher crystalline dimensions of sound.

The vowel and consonant combinations resemble indigenous Earth languages, but are primarily expressions of my Soul Language. As I receive more and more transmissions of these healing chants, songs, and mantras, it is becoming easier to translate them.

I would like to share with you the first phrase of my Soul Language that came through clearly enough for me to recognize what it is:

The phrase "Hama Hoy! is a greeting and salutation similar in meaning to the Sanskrit "Namaste." This greeting is one that acknowledges the divinity and consciousness of ALL sentient beings. The trees, and plants, the nature beings, and especially crystals, really enjoy being greeted with "Hama Hoy!" It is an acknowledgment of the living world around us and within us.

I am making these Cosmic Shamanic Chants, Angelic Songs, and healing mantras available for FREE! I encourage the rapid dissemination and wide-spread usage of them! I only ask that credit is given where credit is due.

Please, let me know if you use any of these healing chants, songs, or mantras with your meditation groups or in your daily life. I would LOVE to hear what you discover in using them!

If you are inspired, I greatly appreciate donations to continue being able to offer free resources such as these VisionLeider.

FREE Cosmic Shamanic Chants, Angelic Songs, and Healing Mantras

A Chant from the Bird Tribe

I actually do not recall receiving this one. I found it when I was going through my journals while compiling all the chants I had scribbled down in them.

The chant was very clearly transcribed on the page, with the title "Chant for the Bird Tribe" written above it.

On my most recent journey to my Sacred Space in Tilden Park, I was accompanied by a Hawk. This chant was fresh in my mind, and I began to sing it. The hawk began to answer back, and I experienced a moment of deep connection with it.

The Bird Tribe is one of the 12 original Star Races that seeded humanity on the Earth. I believe they have strong affiliations with the Sirians and the Orion Star System.

I don't have much conscious knowledge about them, but I do know I am deeply connected with them in the higher dimensions. My first direct contact with them is a rather interesting little story:

After a Shamanic Sound Journey with Tom Kenyon in 2007, I sat in quiet meditation integrating my experience. I was suddenly visited by Serapis Vom, a Cosmic Sprite Being who first visited me during a meditation when I took the NET Classes for the first time.

Serapis Vom excitedly whisked me up into outer space to an oblong diamond shaped Starship that was hovering between Mars and Earth. Then he disappeared and a tall robed figure with the head of a hawk approached me on the landing deck. Somehow I knew this was "Falcon Heart," high-priest of the Bird Tribe.

Falcon Heart greeted me warmly and held up a Golden be-jeweled wreath shaped like a heart. He ceremoniously placed it around my neck and initiated me into the Bird Tribe. He said I could choose my name, and I chose "Dragon Heart."

As I said my name back to him, he removed the wreath from my neck and energetically merged it within my heart. Then he bade me farewell, and I returned to my body.

According to the notes in my journal, I received the above chant some time after this initiation. As I sang it on the mountain, I could both feel and see the Golden Wreath with its jewels glowing in my heart.

Canon for All Humanity

A Simple Shamanic Chant

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