Brad will be at the following events where you can meet him in person!

  • Saturday, Dec 15 @ 3pm: Pre-Holiday Crystal and Sound Meditation at the Red Barn in Durham, Durham, CT 

  • Friday, Dec 21 @ 6pm: Full Moon Solstice Celebration at New Morning Market, Woodbury, CT 

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Pre-Holiday Crystal and Sound Meditation

 Saturday December 15, 2018

3:00pm – 4:30pm

The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham, CT

 $25 in advance, $30 at the door

 Reserve your spot

Bradford Tilden and the Universal White Time (UWT) Crystal and Gemstone Healing Masters invite you to this powerful evening of crystal and sound activation. Years of private practice and public performance have demonstrated that the combination of crystal and sound energy yields profound results. Decreased stress, pain reduction, deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and spiritual growth are all common results. 

During this event, participants will select a UWT Gemstone layout card at random to determine which UWT gemstone layout they will receive while being bathed in the sonic tapestry of Bradford’s multi-dimensional soundscape. Participants are asked to bring their own pillows, mats, blankets, etc. if they choose, and to NOT wear or bring bright RED. There will be a share and discussion following the experience. 

Questions for Brad:  415-420-6232 or

Full Moon Solstice Celebration

Friday, December 2, 2018

6:00pm – 8:00pm

New Morning Market, 129 Main St N, Woodbury, CT


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We will celebrate the Winter Solstice in conjunction with the power of the Full Moon when the veil between the dimensions is thin. It is the optimal time to set our intentions for the New Year. These will be amplified by the sonic alchemy of crystal bowls, and the extraordinary angelic and shamanic vocals channeled through Sound Healing Master, Bradford Tilden. His music can be found at

Please bring a journal or notebook to write out your aspirations, dreams, hopes, visions for the future. The evening will culminate with a performance and group toning led by Bradford and his partner Marcelo Sousa to embody the unified force of collective sound. 

 The event is part of holistic psychotherapist Sachin Hazen’s Living as Gods series. More information about him can be found here:



  • Saturday, January 12 @ 7pm: Sonic Alchemy Concert at Avant Garde, Branford, CT

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Sonic Alchemy Concert

 Saturday January 12th

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Avant Garde, 328 E Main St, Branford, CT

$15 – RSVP Strongly encouraged

For Reservations and Information

Please call (203) 481-8443 or Email:

Bradford Tilden and Marcelo Sousa and Avant Garde Holistic Center are proud to announce the Autumn Sonic Alchemy Concert.

Treat yourself to this unique healing experience to ease you into a receptive space of healing, rejuvenation, and inspiration with ease and grace. 

Do you carry a lot of stress that you want to release? Is quieting your mind a challenge? Do you enjoy being transported by sound and music? Are you seeking comfort from physical/emotional pain? Are you looking to grow spiritually? Now is a good time to clean and clear your energy with this sound healing meditation. 

It is very easy to relax into the sound. It nourishes your body, massages your aura and brings you to a place of inner peace and relaxation. The evening will begin with a guided meditation to ground, and anchor intentions, followed by a sonic tapestry of Quartz Crystal Bowls and other sound healing instruments generated by Bradford Tilden and Marcelo Sousa, including channeled vocals. These vibrations may invoke deep Soul memories, balance the mind/body/spirit, release blockages, open up to higher consciousness, and more. 

Specially selected crystals and gemstone combinations for this event will be for sale beforehand. CDs are also available. You may bring your own crystals and bottles of water to benefit from the energy as well.





  •  Saturdays February 16th and 23rd @ 9am: White Time Gemstone Healing Certification: Level 3 at the Red Barn in Durham, Durham, CT

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White Time Gemstone Healing Level 3 Certification Course

Levels do NOT need to be taken in order.  Anyone can attend Level 3.

No prior experience is necessary.

 Saturday February 16th and February 23rd

9:00am – 6:30pm

The Red Barn in Durham, 352 Main St, Durham, CT


Early Bird Registration: $250 with a $25 non-refundable deposit.

Tuition increases to $300 after February 1st.

Reserve Your Spot with To register with your $25 deposit

Do you have an affinity with crystals and gemstones? Are you a seeker looking to grow spiritually? Are you a holistic practitioner looking to expand your repertoire? Discover and explore the rare and ancient knowledge of Universal White Time (UWT). UWT is a powerful new energy healing modality There are four Levels in the gemstone healing branch of UWT. 

This Level 3 Gemstone Class focuses on the raising energies of the Earth and how it affects our bodies and energy-fields, including our evolving chakra systems. You will learn to perform, and receive the energies of advanced gemstone layouts that connect with the Earth’s vibration 3-4 Years from now. The energy from those layouts will support your spiritual growth and physical-energetic health. You will also be introduced to Distance Gemstone Healing, as well as sacred geometry for balance in the home and garden. 

This class includes an initiation and certification as a Level 3 Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Practitioner. These gemstone healing classes do not need to be taken in order. You can start with Level 3.

Contact Bradford Tilden for more information: 415-420-6232 or









  • Guided Meditation and Toning Circle: July 11  (see ongoing events for description)
  • Gemstone Healing Certification Course: Universal White Time Level I July 16-17
  • Crystals and Chakras: July 21
  • Restoration with Crystal Singing Bowls : July 27 (see ongoing events for description)

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pink gemGemstone Healing Level I Certification Course

-No Experience Required-

 Saturday July 16th and Sunday July 17th

9:00am – 6:00pm

Held at a private residence in Windsor, CT.

Tuition: $325 ($300 if paid in full when registering)

            Deposit of $100 required 1 week before first class.

               Full refund if requested 48 hours prior to event. Non-refundable thereafter.

★ 0% Financing Available

               ✔ 25% off all tumbled stones during classHuge 3d rendered diamond on beautiful blue background

Reserve your spot:


Registration Options

This class is an in depth exploration of the true healing power of crystals and gemstones and provides a strong foundation for amateurs and professionals alike to further their studies. The material was designed by cosmic beings with the specific intention of assisting humanity at this time of rapid evolution.

In this class you will also learn how to choose and balance stones, assemble and implement the Basic Stone Healing kit, and learn healing properties of a number of different crystals. You will learn how to perform gemstone healing layouts by giving and receiving them. These powerful layouts heal the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies at the sub-atomic level. You will be super-charged from this experience! This important process also educates you at the cellular level, increasing your intuitive ability to perceive and utilize gemstone energies. You will also have 3 Crystal Master Guides assigned to you, who will be by your side for the rest of your life. The class includes a user manual, diploma, attunement and certification as a UWT Gemstone Healing Level I practitioner.

 Brad, this class was amazing. It was very life changing for me and I am so grateful. I already have three people scheduled. I’m excited to know the more I do it the stronger it gets. I am so happy to be learning such amazing healings… I just feel really happy.

                                                                                          Tracy Hendrickson, Sacramento, CA

Crystals and The Chakras

Thursday July, 21st 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Feeding Hills Wellness Center, 567 Springfield St, Feeding Hills, MA 01030

Become a Certified Crystal Chakra Balancing Provider!

$35 In advance  $40 at the doorchakra crystal circle


(413) 244-4660

Using Crystals is one of the most common and effective ways to balance the chakras.

At first glance it appears easy and simple to assemble a 7 stone set that is color coded to match the chakra system. But this is just a surface level approach to using crystals in this way.

In this workshop we will delve deeper into the practice of chakra balancing with crystals by discussing the many options to consider when developing combinations that will be more effective and appropriate for the many different situations that life presents.

Participants will learn how to chose and balance the right stones, a key to a successful crystal layout. We will look at how to cleanse and care for the crystals, and learn ways to see and how a chakra system needs balancing.

Lastly we will work on balancing each other’s chakras with crystal layouts we create.

Participants will receive certification through the Lemurian School of Intuitive Natural Healing as a Crystal Chakra Balancing Provider.  *This certification also counts toward the prerequisit for the Advanced Lemurian Intuitive Natural Healing Classes.

No Experience Required!  

 The Facilitator:

Bradford Tilden is a crystal and sound healing expert and composer. He is an Agawam native, and a local and international practitioner. He has been working with people to balance, heal, and develop their chakras for over a decade. He is looking forward to working with you!






Conduit Center Concert East Hartford, CT

Sound Healing 101 Feeding Hills

Crystal Healing 101 Tolland, CT


Sound Meditation Concert feat. Brad TildenConduit Concert photo

Saturday, August 13th @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Conduit Center, 1227 Burnside Ave #1

East Hartford, CT

Price: $26 in advance, $30 door

Reserve spaces left: 17

Click Here to Reserve a Spot!

The Conduit Center (View Website)

Contact The Conduit at 860 888 4314

or email

Gong Meditation Concert – 7-8:30pm. Join us for a evening of relaxed sonic bliss joined by the musical toning and crystal singing bowls of Conduit friend and honored guest Bradford Tilden. Find comfort on the Conduit Center’s memory foam padding, or reclined in the provided Zero-Gravity Chairs. The soothing orchestration envelops a room where deep meditative states neutralize the tumultuous setting of everyday life.

The Conduit musicians use instruments such as; ancient Himalayan singing bowls, planetary gongs, aromatherapy, and other tools- to guide attendants through a landscape of sound.

The gongs and singing bowls will help you reach a state of deep relaxation and take you on a sound journey to help you retune and rebalance.

Sound Healing 101soundhealing101pic

Thursday August 18th

6:00 – 8:00pm

Admission: $40

Early Bird Special: $35 if paid 24 hour prior to event

Feeding Hills Wellness Center

567 Springfield St, Feeding Hills, MA 01030

REGISTER: 413 – 244 – 4660

Sound is the most powerful force in the Universe. Simply put, everything in creation owes its existence to sound. Without sound, everything would be formless and chaotic. Sound organizes matter. But sound can also destroy. This powerful force can be used to balance and to heal our bodies, minds and souls by breaking down blockages and clearing the energies that need to be released. At the same time, sound can inspire, expand and energize us to embrace and express our full potential as it fills our souls with the patterns of creation.

This workshop will explore using sound to transform your life through passive listening and meditation to quiet the mind, and use it to increase your body awareness and intuitive faculty by focusing on the physical vibrational sensations your body experiences, indicating areas of resonance and blockage.

We will look at the features and benefits of several popular sound healing instruments including Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Metal Bowls, the Harp, Didgeridoo, Native American Drums, rattles, and of course, the most powerful, the human voice.

This will include actively playing instruments during the workshop to observe the different effects they have on the body, mind and energy-field. So this will definitely be a fun and engaging experience coupled with lots of great information brought to you by the inspirational, highly gifted, and knowledgeable sound healing composer, healer, and educator, Bradford W. Tilden.


Crystal Healing 101

Saturday, August 20th, 2016amethyst

1:00pm  – 3:00pm

Solstice Strategy Partners 129 Tolland Stage Road, Tolland, CT, 06084

Discover the amazing powers of crystals and gemstones! Topics include how crystals effect the body mind a spirit, how intention plays a huge part, and why more and more people are being drawn to the awesome power of crystals and gemstones as a tool for personal wellbeing and growth, and as a hugely successful complementary healing modality that integrates seamlessly with other healing modalities.

Learn how to choose the right stones for everyday use and meditation, how to use crystal wands for aura and body clearing, how to create Chakra Balancing Crystal Layouts and how to properly care for crystals. You will be introduced to a number of different crystals that serve important functions for optimal mental and emotional health, including Lemurian Seed Crystals that help to tap into your greatest potential and ancient wisdom.

Whether your interest is to deepen your healing practice, or to enrich your personal life, crystal healing is accessible to everyone!  No previous experience with crystals is required.  A large selection of crystals and gemstones will be available for purchase during the workshop.

Duration: 2 hours     Cost:  $50

RSVP recommended:





Sonic Alchemy Meditation Concert Branford CT

Crystal Healing Workshop Brandford CT


Crystal Music Healing and The Avant Garde Holistic Center Present:avant garde fall pic

Autumn Crystal Sound Alchemy

A Sonic Journey Meditation

With Bradford W. Tilden


Avant Garde Holistic Center

328 East Main Street

Branford, CT 06405


Saturday September 10th, 2016

7:00pm – 8:30pm

                                                                                    Investment: $15.00

Sink deep into your body and be transported by these healing frequencies to a place of inner peace and relaxation. The experience will begin with a few original classical piano compositions by Bradford, followed by a short guided meditation proceeding into the sound healing meditation journey. Enhance your experience with a choice of healing crystals with the option to purchase and keep for future use in meditation and personal support.

The fusion of Bradford’s vocals and the crystal bowls creates an alchemical portal of sonic tapestries that activates and awakens deep memories of the soul and facilitates healing on all levels of your being.   These channeled sounds come from higher dimensions including the angelic realms, ancestral lineages, and are shaped and received through the collective energy of those in attendance.

For Reservations and Information

Please call (203) 481-8443 or



Crystal Healing BasicsCitrine Tumbled

3 Hour Workshop

Sunday September 4th

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Admission: $20

Avant Garde Holistic Center

328 East Main Street

Branford CT 06405

This is an educational and informative workshop about healing with crystals.  Find out how and why crystals are powerful tools for health and activation.  Learn tips on choosing the right crystals.  Learn easy ways to cleanse and charge them, how to use them for protection and healing, how to set intentions, and how to communicate with them using your intuition.

Crystals will be available during the presentation to work with and for purchase.
For Reservations and Information

Please call (203) 481-8443 or

Our Guest Lecturer, Bradford W. Tilden, had a spiritual awakening in 2006 where he remembered his past incarnation as a Lemurian Crystal Healer. He was guided to study the Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Philosophy, and to later develop his own approach, called the Lemurian School of Intuitive Natural Healing.  Since then, he has been teaching and offering private healing sessions in crystal and gemstone healing, as well as sound healing with the voice and crystal bowls. He incorporates the use of crystals in his Sonic Alchemy Meditation Concerts to heighten the experience of participants.








Restoration Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls  in Feeding Hills, MA


Restoration with Crystal Singing Bowls

Monthly Sound Healing Meditationbradford and bowl

Every 4th Wednesday of the month

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Admission: $15

Feeding Hills Wellness Center

567 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills, MA 01030


(413) 244-4660

Upcoming Dates: June 22nd, July 27th, August 24th

 Feeling the energy of crystal singing bowls is a powerful experience. The vibrations enter your body and energyfield, traveling to where you need healing the most. They break apart and remove physical, emotional, mental, and energetic blockages.

This sound journey is unlike any other as it combines the power of crystal bowls with the incredible sounds and healing frequencies of the voice of Bradford W. Tilden.

Bradford possesses a unique gift of vocal toning, chanting, and channeling higher frequencies of angels, star languages, lemurian and shamanic healing forces.

Many people who have experienced the fusion of his voice with the bowls have received physical emotional and spiritual healing and awakenings.  Common side effects include feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced.

The Facilitator:

Bradford Tilden is a crystal and sound healing expert and composer. He is an Agawam native, and a local and international practitioner. He has been working with people to balance, heal, and open to higher consciousness for over a decade. His sound journeys are just one avenue of transformation he offers.

Visit for more information about Bradford, his crystals, and his music and upcoming events.