Universal White Time Gemstone Healing & Lemurian Intuitive Crystal and Sound Healing

Universal White Time Gemstone Healing is the philosophy that forms the basis of my crystal healing work. It has been created from ancient universal stone healing technologies by Cosmic Crystal and Gemstone Masters who saw a need to accelerate our healing capacity and spiritual evolution at this time.

How crystal and gemstone healing works:

Universal White Time teaches a scientific approach to gemstone healing based on how the frequencies emitted from different crystals, gemstones, and various combinations affect our vibrations on the deep sub-atomic level of our being.

At this level, scientists have discovered that atoms are comprised of strings of energy vibrating at various speeds. This means that all matter is simply crystallized sound creating a structure in which to contain light.

Crystals and gemstones have the ability to augment and expand those strings, thus creating more space, more lightness, which is experienced as a greater capacity for love, joy, and expanded consciousness. The structure of the many varied minerals that Mother Earth yields are geometric in nature, and thus imbue us with the ability to decode and utilize the sacred geometric language of light.

By combining crystals and gemstones into layouts placed on the body, vibrational frequencies are generated that affect the deep sub-atomic level of our being, restructuring our sub-cellular framework to be in greater harmonic resonance with the pulsating life-force of creation emanating from the Sun.

There are many powerful layouts for vibrant health and the expansion of consciousness. The layout depicted here is to connect with your Higher Self.

In addition to the pre-existing layouts, Bradford createspersonalized stone combination layouts that return you to a state of healthy balance by intuitively tuning in to your unique vibrational blueprint.

Crystal & Gemstone Healing Classes

Bradford is a certified Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Teacher for Levels I-III. He offers these full-length classes in conjunction with classes from theLemurian School of Intuitive Natural Healing that focuses on the natural crystal healing and sound healing modalities of Ancient Lemuria, as taught by Mother Earth and her Crystal-Sound Master Guides.

A Lemurian Perspective

The Priest-Healers in Ancient Lemuria all knew and utilized an Earth-based form of Crystal and Gemstone Healing. It was known to the many Star Races who seeded life on this planet and who created human beings to fill the role as “Stewards of the Earth.” This ancient knowledge was passed on to the inhabitants of Lemuria, but was lost as time progressed and the human race experienced the “fall” into devolved consciousness.

Now, as we are experiencing the collective re-awakening into Galactic Consciousness and our Cosmic Origins, this ancient healing technology is being made available to us once again. With perspectives emerging from both the universe (White Time Healing) and Mother Earth (Lemurian Intuitive Healing), this synthesis creates a world-bridging link between the rational and intuitive mind that has exceptionally powerful potential for conscious ascension.

Here are some basic stone healing combinations available for purchase. The stones in each set have been carefully selected to ensure a proper energy balance between them. They are simply splendid!

Visit the Splendid Stones Catalogue

Here are some testimonials for the distance crystal and gemstone healing.

The originator of the White Time Gemstone Healing modality is Channie Cha, an extaordinary woman from Sweden who is one of the Ambassadors of White Time on this planet.

“White Time” is the term used to denote all time as one continuous NOW. That is, the past, present, and future are all freely accessible to us as they are happening simultaneously. This is, of course, another way of describing the Zero Point Field which permeates all existence and links all space/time as one great here/now.

Through White Time, we may heal current ailments by returning to a state of being prior to their development. Likewise, we can prevent ailments from developing by altering the future.

UWT Crystal and Gemstone Healing FAQ

Kitty Mrache is the Head Universal White Time Gemstone Teacher for the USA. To learn more about Universal White Time Crystal and Gemstone Healing visit www.WhiteTimeGem.com.


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