Crystal consciousness can be described as connecting with the spiritual essence and consciousness of an individual crystal, or group crystal consciousness to form a symbiotic working relationship to facilitate the highest greatest love, light, and truth for all sentient beings. Crystals know nothing other than pure unconditional love and light.  The entirety of their being emits the creational life-force direct from source.   Crystals are perfect physical expressions of Source energy.  Their geometrically organized matrix, which can be seen holographically by the naked eye, provides the perfect conduit for light to travel through.

Crystals are the highest manifestation of the first kingdom of life, (mineral kingdom) to evolve on this planet.  They are Mother Earth’s first-born children.  Crystal consciousness is a lot like human group consciousness.  It is at once whole and individuated.  Crystals are sentient beings just like animals, plants, and people.  You can communicate with them just as you communicate with other sentient beings.  Crystals form like a human body does, harnessing the nutrients of the Earth and the cosmic energy from Source.  Though they all have consciousness, a spirit essence, it is not bound to any particular crystal.  The spirit of the wind and the wind elementals.  The gust and the breeze.  How to describe the consciousness of each, as different and similar as they are?  So too are crystals.

gold crystalSome crystals have an immediate personality, an individual spiritual essence that chooses to hold an identity that you can communicate with as you would a guide.  These, I would call, Incarnate Crystals.  Pictured here is Ishiyano, a  Golden Healer Lemurian Seed Crystal who accompanies me in my travels.  Incarnate Crystals tend to choose their keeper, seeing a mutually beneficial relationship.  Perhaps the have something to teach you, or perhaps they recognize you as the optimal vehicle to transport them to where they are destined to serve the greatest good.  Crystals are dependent on us bring us to where they desire to go.  It is crucial never to become attached to a crystal, because they have a higher purpose just like all of us.  Don’t hold crystals hostage! It creates imbalances that are very difficult to harmonize.  Listen to your crystals.  They may tell you it is time to pass them on.  They may also choose to stay with you for life.  The consciousness within such a crystal might be the essence of a loved one from a past life who has chosen to incarnate as a crystal.    Have you ever thought that you might have past lives as crystals?  How do they die, you ask?  How are they born?  It is will, the desire to incarnate, or dis-incarnate.  Perhaps the crystal’s consciousness completed its task.  It can simply will itself back into the sea of possibility, to the breather of the breath of the breeze that caresses your heart.

white crystalAll crystals emit energy, some more efficiently and more powerful than others.  These conductors, usually recognized by the shape of their facets and points, provide powerful vectors for light-energy to pass, condensing the energy to a focused beam like a laser.  These are traditionally referred to as wands and/or generators.  Pictured here are three typical Quartz Generators.  I have found that many of these crystals do not exhibit any signs of consciousness associated with them.  They are here to serve a practical function, to be used as healing tools.  Perhaps it is the intensity through which they are able to harness intention and source energy and direct it, that beings choose not to inhabit these crystals.  They are vessels, channels, and oftentimes it is a higher being, such as an angel, ascended master, or crystal master, that channels its energy through the crystal, when working with you, the conductor of this cosmic symphony.  Invoke the healing power of a master guide to work through your wand and send the healing energy through your body and through the wand.  You are all One.  You are all connected.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the variety of experiences you can have working with crystals and crystal consciousness.  You can have very real connections with beings who choose to inhabit crystals.  Some crystals are like landing stations, or portals for cosmic light-beings, angels, etc. The crystals provide an interface to communicate through or interact with this dimension. Sometimes it is not the crystal that you are drawn to, but the being inside it.  I call these “host crystals.”  Sometimes beings become trapped in crystals and they call to be freed.  You must develop your intuition and discernment to determine if it is for the highest good of all to free them.  Perhaps they were imprisoned because they are malevolent, and a being of love and light bound them to the crystal to prevent them from doing more harm, not as punishment, but as an opportunity to remember their greatest truth, the one of love and light that they went astray of.  Or, it could be a curious pixie that got caught and doesn’t know how to get back out.  If you come across a crystal with an unexpected inhabitant, listen, and you will know how to be of assistance.

Crystal consciousness is a joyful experience.  Every person who opens up to crystal consciousness will have unique and memorable, sometimes life-changing experiences.  Tap into crystal consciousness, discover the endless possibilities of discovery, transform you life, and share your experiences with joy.