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I hope you explored the meditation I shared with you in the previous installment.  If you have yet to share your experiences with our community please take a moment to do that now on our Facebook Page


Here are some additional meditations you may find helpful and useful to explore and share with others.

There are other ways to meditate with Apophylite other than a sitting meditation. I suggest performing these variations after the initial connecting meditation outlined

You can meditate while laying down.  You can lay down on the floor or on the bed.  In this case, follows the first two steps of creating the sacred space, and having the journal and timer/music available. Clear the crystal before the meditation.  Thank it for working with you and ask its permission to assist you with your intention for the meditation.  This will vary depending on you, and the type of Apophylite you are working with (see below). Then place it next to you within reach.


Lay down and ground while in this position.  It may feel strange grounding from your root chakra and feet to the center of the Earth while in a laying position.  I though it a bit strange until I once received a message from a tree that you can ground from any physical position.  It just takes some getting used to but is just as effective.   Just visualize the chord of energy coming from the center point of your energyfield (aura) that is nearest to the ground.


After your three centering breaths and grounding, you may optionally connect to the Celestial Realm from your crown chakra.  Then, depending on your intention and the type of Apophylite, place the crystal accordingly and receive the meditation experience.


clearApophyliteStillbiteIf you are working with a Clear Apophylite, the ideal position is to place it above your head.  The intention for this meditation could be something like increasing your connection to your guides, your angels, or strengthening your spiritual connection to the Celestial Realm.


If you are working with a Clear Apophylite with Stilbite, the ideal position is also above your head.  An alternative placement is actually on your Solar Plexus.  This is because of the presence of Stilbite with the Apophylite.  As you have learned, Stilbite increases your capacity to contain higher energy vibrations, and the Solar Plexus portal is the best access point to infuse your vessel with cosmic energy in this instance.  The intention for this can be to increase your capacity to contain Celestial Light and Radiance.  This is a great method for lightworkers to recharge their Spiritual Batteries.


If you are working with an Apophylite Tip, the best placement is on your Third Eye.  The intention of this meditation could be increasing your intuition, clairvoyance, psychic communication with your guides, angels, increasing your spiritual wisdom an insight, etc.


greenApophyliteIf you are working with a Green Apophylite or Green Apophylite with Stilbite, the best position is over your heart chakra.  Because of the presence of the green and pink colors (pink when Stilbite is present) this placement allows you to perform a deep spiritual healing during the meditation.   Instead of simply remaining present during the meditation, with each breath visualize the color pink flowing through your heart chakra from front to back, then the color green from back to front.  This is a simple color healing meditation that can also be performed sitting or standing, but its effects are magnified with the presence of Green Apophylite or Green Apophylite with Stilbite.  This can be a very emotional experience, so be prepared.

The intention can be something like, “I am ready to receive a deep spiritual healing through the power of love.”


This concludes our Four Part Segment on Apophylite as part of our Crystal Insight Series!  I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about, discovering the potential, and experiencing the powers of Apophylite.  It is one of my favorite crystals, and now I hope you feel confident and excited to further explore its wonders as part of your personal crystal collection and healing toolbox.


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Bradford Al’Ombria