Welcome Back, fellow Ambassadors!


By now you should be familiar enough with the energy of Apophylite that you are ready to go deeper and take the next step in working with this wonderful Crystal.

If you still don’t have one in your collection, that’s okay, but I highly recommend acquiring one.  There is even more important information about Apophylite below that I  want you to know, so please keep reading!

aphoph1This is a picture of a clear Apophylite specimen that is the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand.  Clear Apophylite is an amazing stone to meditate with.


To begin the meditation, simply sit comfortably with your back straight and hold the Apophylite in whichever hand feels right for you with both hands face up on your legs. This is should be your receiving hand, so that the energies flow into your body.


Next, ground through your root chakra by sending a chord of white light energy down from your base and from the soles of each of your feet to the center of the Earth.  This is an important step because Apophylite is a higher vibrational crystal and you want to stay as grounded as possible while you meditate.  You may also send a chord of energy up through your crown charka to the Celestial Realm to enhance your experience.   If for some reason, the chord is not white, review and perform the root charka clearing we explored in my “root chakra clearing “video until the chord is a vibrant white color.


After you ground yourself, begin by taking three full breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth to ground, center, and clear your mind.  Then set the intention for the meditation.  Initially, it is recommended that your intention be to get to know the individual crystal first, especially  if you are new to meditating with crystals, or if this is the first time you are working with a particular crystal.  In subsequent meditations, you can specify certain other intentions.


After you set your intention, it is important to acknowledge the crystal by thanking it for choosing to work with you, either audibly, or silently in your thought.  Then ask the crystal, in this case, the Apophylite, to share its information, healing, and gifts for you during this meditation.


Once you have done these initial steps, you are ready begin meditating.  Imagine the energies of the Apophylite flowing into your palm through your palm chakra up through your arm, into your heart and then radiating throughout your entire body and energyfield.    It takes approximately 15 minutes for the energies of any crystal to fully permeate your body and energyfield.  Keep this in mind when in meditation.  I recommend 3o minutes to give you and the crystal ample time to engage and interact.  I often set a timer when I do this, or choose a meditation music track that is about 30 minutes long so I don’t have to think about time.  I highly recommend Cosmic Journey #1.  I also have a journal or pad and paper beside me to record any messages I receive or experiences I have.


Once your perform the initial visualization for the energy flowing into your body, relax your mind and simply become aware of your body.  You may start to see colors or images behind your closed eyes, see tingles or energy flows in certain parts of your body, especially your heard, or arms, hear loving voices communicating with you, see or sense the presence of light beings, angels or guides gathering around you.   The crystal might feel hot or heavy in your hand, or you could feel slight pressure on your third eye or top of your head.

apoph2Each crystal communicates with every person in different ways, and at different times.  Your Higher Self, Guides and Angels know the best way to reach you, and the most pertinent information to share at any given time.  When you are meditating with Apophylite, you are opening a direct link to their realm, where communication is strongest and clearest.


Once you feel the download, channel, or integration is complete, or the timer goes off and/or the music ends, slowly bring your awareness to your fingers and toes first, take three deliberate, conscious breaths, and slowly open your eyes.  Give yourself some time to re-adjust to the Earth Plane.  Slowly place the Apophylite next to you on the floor, or table, and thank it for working with you and for the experience.  At this point, you may right down any messages or experiences you had during the meditation with the Apophylite before they fade from your consciousness or become foggy.  Keeping a Crystal Journal is an excellent idea.  I would love for you to share any experiences you have during crystal meditations with our online community!


The final step to the crystal meditation process, and this is very important, is you must clear the Apophylite.  As a rule of thumb, always clear any crystal right after it has been used in meditation.   This should be common sense and common practice but many people overlook this step.  In rare instances an unwanted energy or being might hitchhike down and linger in the crystal while you are coming out of the meditation.  Clearing the crystal ensures the energy or being is returned to source.


You can clear Apophylite with any of your chosen methods.  The Golden Movement, Reiki Energy, White Time Energy, Sage, or Palo Santo are all sufficient methods.  If you want to take it a step further, place the Apophylite in sunlight or moonlight after you clear it to recharge it.  Apophylite especially enjoys moonlight.  I would place it under a glass dome or something similar if it is to be left outside overnight.  Apophylite can be very delicate, so I avoid using running water to clear.  I also feel a resistance to clearing it with salt or standing salt water.   If you have a different experience with Apophylite and salt, do let me know!


As a footnote to the meditation, intention and belief are two very important aspects when working with crystal energies.  Creating a ritual or ceremony out of the meditation experience increases your focus, and ultimately strengthens your connection to crystals and the successful rewards of your personal journey with crystals.  Have fun with it!


Looking forward, in the next installment of the Crystal Insight Series, I will share some other meditation techniques with Apophylite, including the Deep Spiritual Healing through the Heart Chakra!


Blessed be,

Bradford Al’Ombria