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Last time I shared with you the physical properties and characteristics of Apophylite and its sister crystal, Stilbite, so that you may now impress your friends when you spot one when you are out and about browsing at metaphysical stores.

Tell me, did you take a moment to tune in to the energy of Apophylite through the pictures in the last installment?  Did you feel any sensations in your head or upper body when looking at the images or holding an Apophylite?  Did your guides or angels suddenly appear?  Personally, my head tingles, which is a sign that I am in alignment with my Higher Self.


pt2-1Better than looking at the pictures, did you manage to acquire one for your collection?  If not, no worries, I have a selection of high quality Apophylite specimens at competitive prices that are up for adoption to own.   I can match you up with the right one for you!  This is just a small group of my Apophylite orpahns…



All types of Apophylite are higher Chakra Crystals.  They vibrate with a very high frequency that reaches up into the Celestial Realm.  The Celestial Realm is where Angels and Light Beings of love and Light dwell.  It takes a bit of effort for us to cross the threshold to that realm, and likewise, for those beings to cross down to ours.  Luckily, Apophylite, with its inherent properties, creates a substantially strong and clear link between the two realms so that communication between us, our guides, angels, and benevolent light beings becomes clearer and easier.


Apophylite is used to strengthen your personal connection with your guides, angels, and benevolent light beings.  It increases your intuition and spiritual wisdom.  It helps to maintain an atmosphere of spiritual integrity and purity wherever it is.  It is a joyful crystal, often containing many rainbows and it makes light dance off its many surfaces.  Angels dance with it too.  It helps to connect with one’s innocence while providing energetic and spiritual strength in maturity.  It can be used to increase your chi, or universal light-force energy, especially when Stilbite is present.


Stilbite acts as a nervous tonic.  It actually strengthens the nervous system and energy meridians in the body so that you will be able to integrate and maintain a greater amount of cosmic light energy and consciousness.  For, light is consciousness.  It is a wonder that Mother Nature often pairs the two crystals.

pt2-2They work hand in hand seamlessly.  Apophylite infuses you with higher vibrational consciousness, and Stilbite increases your capacity to contain that cosmic energy.  All the while, you are creating a greater ability to communicate with your guides and angels.



The presence of Apophylite in a room increases the vibrational energy naturally.

It acts like a light beacon that attracts angels and light beings.  It makes them feel more comfortable being near, and therefore easier for us to receive communication with tem and access their healing energy.


Clear Apophylite specimens almost guarantee that the energy of the space they are in will be pure, as it dispels negative energy creating a field of Celestial Consciousness.  Apophylite is an amazing crystal to have in a healing room, or sacred space.  It is essentially a doorway through which angels, guides, and healing light beings can traverse


Clear Apophylite Specimens are also goo in the bedroom, though I caution placing them too close to your beside. They make the bedroom feel very welcoming and inspiring.  One note of caution though.  I have found it difficult sometimes difficult to get a deep restorative sleep when I place apophylite near my bedside.  The energies are too strong and active.  But on occasion, I have been blessed with incredibly vivid message-filled dreams when I do sleep with Apophylite by my bed.  If you want to explore this celestial dream travel for yourself, I’d recommend a nice Apophylite Tip under your pillow rather than a specimen o your night stand.


If you are at the point where you use crystal healing in your healing practice, try holding an Apophylite in your receiving hand, and place your giving hand on any of the chakras of your client during a treatment.  This amplifies any healing energy you are channeling in a different way than if you were to use a Quartz Crystal Wand.  It gives your client more strength and energy, and allows your and your client’s guides to work directly through you, in addition to any energy healing modality you may be employing.


Apophylite Tips, when placed on a shelf, or windowsill will create a small portal of light that looks like an iridescent column of light shining straight up.  This portal pierices the dimensions and attracts loving beings like a spotlight to the heavens. Four Apophylite Tips can be used to forms grid for a sacred space, either as a meditation spot, or to make an entire room a sacred portal.


Green Apophylite has the added benefit of being a wonderful heart-healing tool because of its greenish hue.  Through the engagement with the heart charka, green apophylite can be used to help heal the spiritual body of imbalances and past experiences in this life and in your cosmic and genetic ancestry.


For any healing to occur, the most effective approach is to begin with the subtle energies of the spiritual body.  This creates a descending healing effect from subtle to dense, from the spiritual body, to the emotional body, to the mental body, and finally to the physical body.  When all bodies are healed at the same time, miraculous healing occurs.  But it is great to start with the Spiritual Body, which guarantees the root cause of any imbalance is accessed.   Green Apophylite helps to access this point of distress.


Apophylite has many advantages.  In addition to the healing properties I’ve already covered, I find that it is wonderful to increase your creativity.  I have one placed at my piano when I am writing new music, and every time I am recording or performing, there is at least one Apophylite nearby.  Try placing one next to you the next time you are doing something create.  Writing, painting, whatever is your soul’s passion, having Apophylite near will benefit you because it is like having an open invitation for any celestial being to drop in and inspire you from beyond.


Next time I will share some simple and powerful meditations with Apophylite Crystals to maximize your ability to benefit from their presence in your life!  In the meantime, continue to explore the energies of Apophylite with the pictures, or with actual Apophylite if you have one.  Use your intuition and see what the crystal has to teach you.  And, if you experience something exciting, please share it with our facebook community!


Thank you ever so much for reading!

Bradford Al’Ombria