Apophylite is a surprisingly little known crystal.  I aim to change that and share with you the wonderful properties of this beautify and powerful crystal, and show you how you can tap into its energy to radically enhance your capacity to expand your consciousness, heal your spiritual body, open your heart, and strengthen your intuition and connection with your guides and guardian angels.

Before I talk about the energetic properties of it, I am going to share with you the physical description so you can recognize it on your own.


The highest physical quality apophylite comes from India.  It grows in massive chambers that are like small caves that are lined with Chalcedony.  Chalcedony is a high quality variety of agate.  It creates delicate formations that look like enchanted micro-landscapes of sugary crystalline wonder.  It is from this that apophylite grows.


Just like any crystal, there are varying degrees of quality.  The clearer the crystal, the higher the value.  The most common variety is clear.  I hesitate to use the word “common,” because it is far from the pristine glistening radiance of any clear apophylite specimen.  Because it usually forms in clusters of individual crystals, the unique shape of each specimen reflects light in a myriad of ways.


clear apophylite
Clear Apophylite Cluster


It also comes in varying shades of green.  Green Apophylite is very rare.  It also has added healing benefits in addition to all the energetic properties of clear apophylite.  I will discuss these benefits and how to tap into them in the next installment.


green apophylite
Complete Green Apophylte Crystal


All Apophylite crystals form pyramid structures when they grow.  That is to say, the crystalline structure has four sides.  Many metaphysical shops sell “Apophylite Tips.”  These are the completely formed crystals that are harvested off of the rest of Apophylite Specimens.  They are natural crystal pyramids.  They typical size of an Apophylite Tip is about an inch tall with a bass that will fit on a quarter They have many uses and advantages in and of themselves and they usually run between $5 and $10.



two clear apophylite tips
Two Clear Apophylite Tips


There is another mineral that I must bring to your attention.  It is called Stilbite.  I mention Stilbite because it of very often found growing along with Apophylite.  It is very easy to spot because it visibly contrasts with the Apophylite in both shape and color.  It has a pink-peach color and grows in a fan-like fashion with many lengthwise striations or like little pink tabs popping out of the crevices between the Apophylite crystals.


clear apophylite with stilbite
Clear Apophylite with Stilbite


It is an amazing thing that Mother Earth has paired these two crystals, Apophylite and Stilbite together.  In the next installment I will discuss all the healing properties and benefits of Clear Apophylite, Green Apophylite, Apophylite Tips,  and Stilbite, it’s sister crystal.   In the meantime, study the pictures of Apophylite, and  begin to be able to recognize it based on its appearance.  See if you can acquire a specimen and begin to explore its energy.   If that is not possible, tune into the energy of these pictures of apopylite and notice any sensations or memories you perceive.  Yes, it is possible to access the healing energy of stones and crystals through pictures of them!  That way when I will discuss the specifics of Apophylite’s healing advantages, you will be ahead of the game.


green apophylite with stilbite
Green Apophylite with Stilbite


Again, thank you for reading!

Bradford Al’Ombria