I believe that these 14 thoughts can be used during meditation to help bring peace, love, and joy.  Please check them out and use them to help you in your meditatoin.

  1. I thank you for this healing
  2. I am beautiful and loving.
  3. I am strong, perfectly healthy, and full of love.
  4. I am deeply grateful for the beauty of life.
  5. I am a being of love, light, truth, and manifestation light.
  6. I have limitless abundance and will always receive what I ask for.
  7. I have a strong connection with my guides and follow my intuition wisely.
  8. I have the ability to manifest whatever I want in this world.
  9. My creative expression will touch the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And live on its own, outside of myself in this life and beyond.
  10. My writing will bring more conscious awareness to hundreds of thousands of people and it will become a cornerstone for my generation.
  11. I have a beautiful sense of humor and bring joy to myself and those around me.
  12. I attract wealth, health, and prosperity into my life.
  13. I will always attain higher states of bliss and joy throughout my life.
  14. I dedicate my life to serving the highest good and align my personal goals and desires with those of my higher self.

Share your affirmations in the comment section below!

TIP! Try adding “and something more and better” after any of these thoughts, or to your own, and see how you feel.