Awaken to Multi-dimensional Cosmic Reality and Infinite Creative Expression

Welcome to my on-line portal. Here you will find all of my creative expressions, spiritual inspirations, and healing services I have to offer. I am an ambassador of light, assisting humanity to remember and activate our dormant codes on a personal and collective scale. The New Earth is being created here, now, and I am here to co-create the new consciousness, and offer assistance to those who seek support and facilitation for thier personal awakening through what means I have at hand.

Upcoming Events:

Mind Body and Spirit Expo

Saturday, September 6, 10am-5pm
Sunday, September 7, 10am-4pm 2014
Co Co Key Water Resort Hotel Convention Center
3580 E Main St. Waterbury, CT 06705

I will have a booth displaying Lemurian crystals including new Golden Healer and Red Lemurians, high quality Apophylite, tumbled gemstones, music, quartz singing bowls, and information about workshops and classes I offer on sound and crystal healing.
I will be presenting a talk on crystals, sound, and vibrational awareness at 1:00pm on Saturday the 6th.

Robin for further information

Healing Services include:

Personalized sound healing music (classical and electronic

Commissions for classical and sound healing music

Crystal and sound healing sessions (also available via distance)

Universal White Time Gemstone Healing sessions (also available via distance)

Intuitive Lemurian Vibrational Healing sessions: a combination of sound, crystals, gemstones, and light/energy healing (also available via distance)

Personal gemstone healing profiles (also available via phone email and skype)

Personal Healing coaching sessions with intuitive guided visualizations(also available via phone email and skype)

Mahalo, and Ano Te Ja,
I am Bradford W. Tilden

also known as the MUSE OF AQUARIUS.

This site has much information to offer about original sound healing music, crystals, sound healing, crystal healing, gemstone healing, and inspirational concepts of the new consciousness paradigm.

Be sure to check out the links to other sights exclusively dedicated to my classical music compositions, deep provocative poetry, and other colleauges and affiliates. You can also find healing and inspiring resources by visiting my Youtube page MuseOfAquarius

Please take time to explore and engage at your leisure. Navigating this site is a healing and inspiring experience in and of itself.

I am a composer, classical pianist, poet, intuitive musician, light-worker, Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Practitioner, personal healing coach, exceptional massage therapist, shaman, and story-teller.

I work with FREQUENCIES. I have a very unique ability to channel divine sound healing frequencies with my voice while singing with crystal bowls. This sound healing music reaches the deepest core of our original ancestry, inspiring us to remember our truth, look up to the bright luminescent future, and helps us heal at the cellular, biological, physical, emotional, astral, etheric, and luminescent rainbow light-body levels.

I am also educated in concepts of New Age Consciousness, the dimensions beyond the veils, Ancient Lemurian Healing Techniques, crystal and sound healing, Earth-based and Cosmic Shamanism, Biological and Quantum DNA Activation, and some Angelic and Extraterrestrial affairs.

My workshops, classes, and presentations highlight the contexts of our rapid ascent into Enlightenment, the 5th dimension, and beyond, to unlock our full creative potential and true divine purpose on this planet at this time.


Men's Naked Massage Workshop
October 16th, 4-5:45pm
Mission Yoga Sun Room, San Francisco

Mission Statement:

It is my sincere belief that when everyone follows their dreams, connects with their Authentic Selves, and expresses their full creative potential, eternal peace and infinite abundance will prevail in the world. I inspire people to achieve this goal on the personal and collective levels in all that I do. I am dedicated to the conscious evolution of the planet.

My Wish:

Please invest the time to explore my website and support my work. Through sharing my music, my writing, and my experiences, I hope to inspire you to discover and manifest the limitless potential of your Authentic Self. We are far more powerful and beautiful than we ever imagined. It is time now to Anchor the Dream, to awaken to the truth of our Cosmic Origins and become the Cosmic Humans that we are!

Blessings of divine love and light,

I used to meditate to discover my purpose, and I always got the same answer: "to sing!" And so, now I do. I sing:
Songs from the Stars
Chants from the Cosmos
Arias from the Angels
and Lullabyes from Lemuria...

In my healing practice I provide:
Sound Healing Musical composition commissions for healing and transformation
Personalized sound healing music CDs for meditation and emotional healing
Personal Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions
Classes and workshops in Crystal Healing, Gemstone Healing, and Sound Healing
Lemurian Crystals and other crystals and healing stones for conscious expansion
Private Healing and Activation Sessions
in person and via distance
Healing Music Concerts and Sacred Sound Ceremonies
Insights and channeled messages from spirit guides and Lemurian Crystal Beings
A sacred space for you to embrace your Authentic Self and activate your full potential.

The Joy of Crystals and Sound

Science has demonstrated that all matter is held together at the sub-atomic level by strings of energy. This is known as the "string theory." It is not a theory, however. It is a universal truth.

These strings all vibrate at various speeds, thus generating specific frequencies. This means all matter is simply crystallized sound creating a structure in which to contain light.

The synthesis of sound and crystals is the most powerful tool for conscious awakening and realignment with the complete human potential. Through this vibrational healing and activation we can all remember our true identity, attain perfect health, unlock our limitless creative expression, inner bliss, and feel an interconnectedness with all creation.

My Soul Covenant:

I was born with an innate understanding of and sensitivity toward vibrations. This is the underlying relationship that makes all existence possible. It is something I am passionate about sharing with the world so that we may all learn to live in harmony with ourselves and each other.

My gift to humanity is as a composer/music healer. Music is the highest manifestation of sound. My compositions are expressions of my soul essence. Many of my compositions and spontaneous healing piano pieces are direct channels from the higher dimensions of love, light, truth, and manifestation. They are encoded with activating templates that heal and uplift the physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual bodies.

My crystal bowl singing opens cosmic portals and is often directly channeled from the crystal realm where sound and crystals are one and the same, and from the angelic realm. Angels and ancestral spirit shamans often sing with me and through me to heal my audiences.

I also have a very strong connection with Crystals and healing gemstones. As an educator, I bring the mineral kingdom to life so that we can awaken to crystal consciousness and utilize the magnificent knowledge, wisdom, and healing powers within Crystals and Gemstones.

I offer many classes and workshops giving you the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of crystals and sound!

I send you blessings of resonant crystal joy!

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